by Tokayo

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Brought together by the trailblazing MNDSGN & a collaboration with Virginia’s T. Hemingway, Tokayo's debut effort is laced with seeds of their favorite things: existential humor, universal truths & of course, their love of music. In true hip-hop form, Tokayo flipped the Spanish term "tocayo"--meaning "namesake" or “friend"--as a testament to their values of brotherhood and community. Produced entirely by SWARVY, this self-titled offering is a proper orientation into the magic of the sonic space surrounding Tokayo's initial recording sessions.


released April 25, 2018

All songs written by: C. Palmer & M. Sweeney


all rights reserved



Akashik Records Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: skies blues
livin' what we exude
this [is] just an interlude
either love or resist it
nothing more you can choose
bet you knew that already
yeah yeah the sky's blue
sky's blue
sky's blue
Track Name: intuition
thumping out the speaker
come to penetrate the radio
holler if you hear me
been a minute
what's it lately tho?
lend me an ear for a bit
& i promise i'll bring it back
sound familiar? like that?
what the deal is?
whatcha feeling? - type that
oh yeah, yeah
what you fear really ain't there
picture what you want
& keep ya eye fixed like optometrists
you're making all of it up
like your work's past due
remember progress is a path
yeah, & not a plateau
the universe only says yes
to say it ain't so
could be the reason that you never pass go

monopolize on your vision
beyond qualified
heinz cut with precision
strong intuition
lighthouse on glisten
no need to hop on a boat to float
cause the vessel that you're born in
been the only one you needed
so don't you mess around and get deleted
by wallowing and swallowing the water in the deep end
reef ain't brighter on the other side either
so take it in stride
avoidance ain't the answer
while you're singing la di da
awaken to the now the opportunities are new
and growth is for the gaining
right where you need to be
even if it’s raining
toil through the soil like a champ no complaining
i ain’t preaching, i ain’t teaching
notes to self just be rhyming
and if the shoe fits then the stars are aligning
no matter what the weather forecast man is telling you
it’s always sunny here in calidelphia
Track Name: darryl's groove
do what you like
do what you feel
just make it real
Track Name: wordnah
I was like, "Word? Nah."
Track Name: keep goin'
you know you know yourself
despite what all you’re thinkin’
gotta keep going
keep going
don't you dare doubt yourself
you know you gotta shed them layers
keep growing
keep growing
i ask myself
what's gon be?
when the days out
what's it for when I plant feet?
will i stand stout?
i’ma ride if it's on e
on the way now
swear to god
put that on me
Track Name: pity party
ain't no party like a pity party
cause a pity party don't stop

unless you want it to
ain't nothin anybody could do
nothing anybody could say
it's really up to you
to see the bigger picture
focus in on feeling better today
could turn a leaf anew
that's only and if only
remember to stay
grounded on your two
elevate your mood
remember that's the prelude

ain't no party like a pity party
cause a pity party don't stop

last night i was chillin in my room
wondering what to do
lady in malibu
but my car situation's jacked up now
with that old registration and alignment all out
supposed to link up with kay in the dena right now
but i ain't feeling it really
so let me lay down
scrolling thru my timeline feelin left out
knowing good and well i wasn't really tryna go out

ain't no party like a pity party
cause a pity party don't stop

after all it was new year's eve
after all holidays ain't my thing
after all I really need time alone
after all i ain't really been resting
after all that could tell where I'm at
hardly trying to party
i ain't feeling all that
would rather post up
smoke up and watch daria
la la la la la

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